Affiliate Info
  1. Conditions of participation

    • Every advertiser (webmasters and enterprises) above the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the affiliate program of United Games GmbH.

    • Requirement for the participation is a complete and truthful registration.

    • For the payout of VAT, please send us an email containing your VAT certificate.

  2. General regulations of the Affiliate Program

    The participation in the Affiliate Program of United Games GmbH underlies the following regulations:

    • The booking of keywords and keyword combinations which contain the name „Gamesrocket“ or misspelled names, is prohibited.

    • The use of the Gamesrocket domain as a display URL is allowed.

    • Only the approved advertising material is allowed. Custom advertising material requires clearance from our affiliate support.

    • It is prohibited to use advertising material with Reload / Autorefresh. The utilised advertising material must be displayed instantly and is not allowed to reload or rotate.

    • It is not allowed to access start or sub pages of Gamesrocket directly visible or invisible without the interaction of the web site visitor (Popdown, Popunder, Popup, Layer, etc.)

    • Forced clicks, cashback and other incentive models are only allowed by specific written permission.

    • It is allowed to use ad layers (Java, iFrame). Only the approved advertising material may be used for this purpose. It is not allowed to directly access start or sub pages without interaction (click) from the user.

    • Each advertising material must be clickable and refer to the offerings of Gamesrocket GmbH i.L..

    • Breach of a rule may lead to the cancellation of booked sales and the immediate exclusion from the affiliate program.

  3. PostView Affiliate Program Regulations

    For the advertising method PostView, the following additional regulations apply:

    • PostView may only be used by appropriate written permission

    • It is prohibited to use measures and technical means to affect, falsify or euphemize the origin, tracking and statistics about measurement and control.

    • The minmum size of advertising material is 234x60 pixels. Textual advertising material must feature distinct graphical reference to United Games GmbH.

    • Only approved PostView codes may be used. The codes must not be changed.

    • It is prohibited to use advertising material in rotation, refresh or auto reload. The advertising material must loaded when the site is accessed, later display is not allowed.

    • Cookie dropping, 1x1 pixel iFrames, etc are prohibited.

    • The PostView advertising material must be displayed in the constantly visible part of the website (in the first third of the page).

  4. Salary

    We offer the following commissions, depending on the category of the product:
    - 5% of gross turnover for PC and Mac Games
    - 5% of gross turnover for Minigames
    -   2% of gross turnover for Gamecards


If you have further questions or need additional information, please use our contact form.

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