Affiliate FAQ

General FAQ

What is Gamesrocket?
Gamesrocket is a retailer for licensed games download. The product assortment includes management games, action games, ego shooter, simulation games and even games for kids.

Who can take part in the Gamesrocket affiliate program?
Every natural person and legal entity can take part in the affiliate program. Decisive is the complete and truthful registration and the acceptance by Gamesrocket.

Process FAQ

How do I register for the partner program?
Click here for registration.

How do I register for special advertising methods (i.e. PostView) or as incentive partner?

Please register here, contact us afterwards and supply us with a short presentation of your company as well as some references. Your personal affiliate manager will take care of your matter.

What happens after registration?
After registration your application will be checked manually and your account will be activated soon. If there are any doubts concerning your participation in the affiliate program we will contact you to clear up the questions.

Tracking & Link FAQ

How can you ensure that a purchase mediated by me is attributed to my account?
When a user clicks your link, a cookie is set. This cookie is valid for 30 days and attributes the customer to your account. You will receive a commission for the turn-over generated by the customer within 30 days (PostView: 7 days).

How long is a cookie valid?

A Click cookie is valid for 30 days. A PostView cookie is valid for 7 days.

What is the difference between a Click and a PostView cookie?
PostView describes an accounting method, commission depends on whether the Gamesrocket customer has visited the partner website before and an advertisement was shown there. The user gets a cookie on the partner’s website if the advertisement is shown and does not have to click it (Click cookie).

How are Click and PostView cookies handled?
In general, a Click cookie counts more than a PostView cookie. If a customer has a Click and a PostView cookie, only the Click cookie is considered. We use different techniques to manage this.

How can I use SubIDs?
You can create dynamic as well as static SubIDs. Dynamic SubIDs have to be activated by us on request.
How do I create dynamic SubIDs?
Our system automatically recognizes dynamic SubIDs. You just have to use the respective SubID directly in your link code. The system adopts the name and saves the SubID. Dynamic SubIDs have to be activated by us.

Commission FAQ

How much do I earn from the purchases?
The commission, that will be paid out, depends on the product category:

- 5% of gross turnover for PC and Mac Games

- 3% of gross turnover for Console Games

- 2% of gross turnover for Gamecards

- 5% of gross turnover for Software

How long does it take until the commission is confirmed?

We count all sales once a month. You will receive a detailed list of your compensated sales until the 20th of the following month at the latest.
What are the reasons for a cancellation?
Cancellations can have different reasons. In our affiliate program the following reasons may occur:
- customer does not pay
- customer tried to betray
- customer cancels order
When will my commision be paid out?
The commission is paid out on 20th of the following month. A totalcommissions of 30 € is needed to qualify for the cash out.

How will my commission be paid out?

We transfer you commission to your bank account or directly to your PayPal account, according to desire.

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